Here's to Family {Flaherty Family - Again!}

I shot this family for the second time this June and it was certainly just as fun this time! With her son soon heading into the Navy, Karen rounded up the bunch for a hot summer shoot under the shad of her trees! Special thanks to Nate, my assistant, for being my little shadow and insisting on being in every shot with his little toy too!

Here's to Travel {Nashville, TN}

Just a few randoms taken with my point & shoot in Nashville, May 2013. Awesome history, people and food! Loved this fun little city!

Here's to You {Cody's Senior Shoot}

Waaay late in posting these! Here are a few from Cody's senior shoot back in April! All kinds of fun of toys in this shoot... from his prized shiny red truck, to guns, to semi trucks! I'd say we did a great job summing capturing his favorite things in an hour of photos!

Here's to Newborns {Baby Taylor}

Now that baby Taylor is almost in high school, I'm finally posting her newborn photo shoot I did back in January! I did a family shoot with the McHenrys a few years ago so I was so honored when Melissa asked me to shoot newborn photos of her new arrival, Taylor! This was my very first newborn shoot and, let me tell ya, was a lot harder than it looks! While giving a baby a break, big brother Logan and I headed outside for an adventure! Thanks, McHenrys for letting me practice on your precious cargo!