Here's to Travel {The Oregon Coast}

Here's a few taken with my point & shoot during my vacation to the Oregon Coast this October! From forests to tide pools, its jaw-dropping scenery was a photographer's dream!

Here's to Family | Josh, Andi & Kaiya

Meet Josh, Andi & Kaiya! We were all so very much looking forward to this shoot, but Ms. Kaiya was just NOT having it that day :( We tried her chair, toys, bubbles, flowers, bugs, bottles and even grandmas! She roamed and we followed, with mommy & daddy wrapped around her cute little finger! All things considered, this shoot turned out great! Kaiya is good at calling the shots!

Here's to I Do {Lara & Jeff - 9.15.2012}

Just when I thought I was done shooting weddings, my friend of nearly ten years talked me into doing hers! Capturing a couple's wedding day is a huge responsibility and it meant the world to me that I was Lara's & Jeff's choice! Lara's stunning natural beauty took my breath away, and just when I was about to cry during her "getting ready" shoot, her firm finger shake put me back behind the lens. A gorgeous ceremony lit by the setting sun was followed by an all-night party (at which I got to test my DJ skills as well!) on the farm of Lara's parents. Congrats Lara & Jeff! I hope you enjoy these memories!

Here's to the Campaign Trial!

Josh Jones, my boss at my "real job" was a candidate for State Rep in Missouri's 125th District this summer! It was an exciting learning experience and I was honored to be his unofficial "campaign photographer" and see some of my photographs used in his campaign materials!