Here's to: Love

The beauty of word of mouth brought me my first "real" clients, Ashley & Dustin (3.29.10)! It was certainly different shooting people I didn't know, and a was a wonderful learning experience! Enjoy!


Here's to: Youth

The time had come to tackle the art of photographing children! I chose my godson, Hogan, to be my first victim (3.18.10)! I learned that kids definitely require three times the amount of work, patience, time, AND memory card space! As for looking at the camera on demand... forget it! The end results were pretty fun... enjoy!

Here's to: You

Ready to shoot another female model, my friend Brandy agreed to help me out (3.11.10)! We headed downtown and luckily got several good shots in before I had my first "battery dying in the middle of a shoot" experience! Better sooner than later! Along with a tornado siren blaring, it was certainly a fun time! Enjoy!


Here's to: You

While doing Dayhna's shoot with Alek, we also did a senior session for Dayhna(3.7.10)! She's such a sweetie and a natural at this too! I'm working on giving more direction in posing the subjects and realizing that how comfortable they feel with me really matters!

Here's to: Love

After practicing with my first "model", I was eager to learn how to pose two people in the frame! My friends Dayhna & Alek let me capture their cuteness (3.7.10)! Enjoy!


Here's to: You

Now that I had practiced with my camera a bit, it was time for my first shoot with an actual person! On 3/6/10, my friend Collin agreed to be my first victim, so we headed downtown to see if I had any talent to work with. Enjoy!


Here's to: Cityscapes

Still trying to get used to my new DSLR, I headed downtown to take some shots at night time. The city lights were fun to play with, and I was surprised how peaceful and empty it was(2.28.10)! Enjoy!