Here's To Youth: The Jones Kids

Here is a look at a "kids being kids" shoot I did on 7/17/10. It was my first time doing 3 kids at once, it was HOT, and two of them were my boss' kids! No pressure at all! That said, they turned out great! They sure kept me on my toes & may or may not have tried to spray me with the hose, ha ha!


Here's to: Family - The McHenry's

Here's a look at my first family photo shoot! The McHenry's had the cutest 4 month old baby, Logan! He was quite somber that day, so he didn't show us he smile for a while! We got a lovely rain that day too, which put quite a damper on what to do creatively! In the end, I think we came out with some cute shots and didn't let the rain get the best of us!


Here's To You - Erin's Sr. Session

This year I have the pleasure of doing my sister's senior photos. It took a couple shots to break the ice and get her to open up to the camera. Who know you could be nervous around a photographer you've known your whole life? We had a ball! This was also my first shoot in the big town of Osceola, where we were surprised to find plenty of creative locations. This is the first of many sessions she'll have this year, so be looking for the next round! Thanks for letting me "practice" on ya sis ♥