Here's to Family {The Hubbards}

Meet the Hubbard family! This shoot was a fun Christmas surprise for grandma and the largest family shoot I've done yet! This family was full of energy and laughs as the kids were fighting for their turn to ham it up for the camera!


Here's to Travel {The Oregon Coast}

Here's a few taken with my point & shoot during my vacation to the Oregon Coast this October! From forests to tide pools, its jaw-dropping scenery was a photographer's dream!

Here's to Family | Josh, Andi & Kaiya

Meet Josh, Andi & Kaiya! We were all so very much looking forward to this shoot, but Ms. Kaiya was just NOT having it that day :( We tried her chair, toys, bubbles, flowers, bugs, bottles and even grandmas! She roamed and we followed, with mommy & daddy wrapped around her cute little finger! All things considered, this shoot turned out great! Kaiya is good at calling the shots!

Here's to I Do {Lara & Jeff - 9.15.2012}

Just when I thought I was done shooting weddings, my friend of nearly ten years talked me into doing hers! Capturing a couple's wedding day is a huge responsibility and it meant the world to me that I was Lara's & Jeff's choice! Lara's stunning natural beauty took my breath away, and just when I was about to cry during her "getting ready" shoot, her firm finger shake put me back behind the lens. A gorgeous ceremony lit by the setting sun was followed by an all-night party (at which I got to test my DJ skills as well!) on the farm of Lara's parents. Congrats Lara & Jeff! I hope you enjoy these memories!